Crime Victim Bill of Rights

The Georgia Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights, which was enacted through the Georgia Legislature in 1995, gives individuals who are victims of crime certain specific rights under the law.

Victims have the right to:

  • Reasonable, accurate and timely notice of any court proceedings or any changes to such proceedings
  • Reasonable. Accurate and timely notice of the arrest, release or escape of the accused
  • Not to be excluded from any scheduled court proceedings involving the accused, except as otherwise provided by law
  • Be heard at any scheduled court proceedings involving the release, plea or sentencing of the accused
  • File a written objection in any parole proceedings involving the accused
  • Confer with the prosecuting attorney in any criminal prosecution related to the victim
  • Restitution as provided by law
  • Proceedings free from unreasonable delay
  • Be treated fairly and with dignity by all criminal justice agencies involved in the case
  • Under certain conditions, to be notified of the accused being on an electronic release and monitoring program
  • Be notified of an arrest warrant being issued for the accused
  • Be notified of the accused being prohibited from contacting the victim

In order to be notified, current contact information including a telephone number and address must be provided to law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney’s Office is unable to advise victims of the release of a defendant either from the county jail or state prison system. However, a Victim-Witness Advocate can offer referral information regarding this service.

Victims Rights Brochure

The Office of the District Attorney does not discriminate or deny services to any crime victim or witness.


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