Our Team

District Attorney

Jonathan L. Adams

Jonathan Adams is the District Attorney for the Towaliga Judicial Circuit, which includes Butts, Lamar and Monroe counties. A career prosecutor for over 16 years, Jonathan’s trials include a broad range of major felonies throughout the state.

Jonathan is also currently serving as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Georgia Army National Guard. His 27-year career started when he enlisted in the military in 1992. He deployed multiple times throughout the world to numerous locations to include Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Jonathan serves as a member of the Board of Directors, Crisis Line and Safe House of Central Georgia. He is also a member of the Central Georgia Task Force on Domestic Violence and the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board of Central Georgia.

Jonathan is married to the former Meredith Porcelli. They currently reside in Forsyth, Georgia with their three daughters, Katelyn, Emily, and Madison.

Butts County

  • Greg A. Futch
    Assistant District Attorney
  • Paul E. Hemmann, Sr.
    Assistant District Attorney
  • James L. Moss
    Assistant District Attorney
  • Jessica K. Rock
    Assistant District Attorney
  • Cayce Ingalls
    Chief Investigator
  • Lorraine Bunn
    Director, Victim Witness Assistance Program
  • Bonita Lynn
    Victim Advocate
  • Diane Miner
    Legal Assistant
  • Michelle Williams
    Legal Assistant

Lamar County

  • Cynthia T. Adams
    Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney
  • Anita R. Howard
    Assistant District Attorney
  • Katelyn Raybon
    Victim Advocate
  • Caroline Storey
    Legal Assistant

Monroe County

  • Elizabeth K. Presley
    Chief Assistant District Attorney
  • Leslie A. Tilson
    Assistant District Attorney
  • Carolee R. Jordan
    Assistant District Attorney
  • D. Sarah Young
    Assistant District Attorney
  • Greg Guest
  • Allison Howard
    Victim Advocate
  • Fran Norris
    Office Manager
  • Morgan Andrews
    Legal Assistant
  • Donna Ruffin
    Legal Assistant
  • Rachel Miner
    Administrative Support
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