Towaliga District Attorney settles back in after Iraq deployment

FORSYTH, Ga. — A middle Georgia District Attorney is getting settled in after almost a year of deployment to Iraq. This was his fourth deployment in the National Guard, including his second to Iraq. As of Saturday, he’s been back a week. And for now, he’s just getting used to the changes. “While you’re gone for a year, they are…

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Convictions in Monroe County Trials

Towaliga Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorneys Leslie Tilson and Carolee Reed Jordan obtained convictions on two cases this past week. Billy Jones was tried and convicted of aggravated assault and was sentenced to 20 years to serve in the state penitentiary and Mack Rutland was tried and convicted of misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to serve 12 months in the…

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Towaliga District Attorney deploying to Iraq

Jonathan Adams is a Lieutenant Colonel in Georgia Army National Guard and the District Attorney for the Towaliga Judicial Court. “Your job as the District Attorney or the Assistant District Attorney is to do justice,” said Jonathan Adams. In the courtroom, Towaliga District Attorney Jonathan Adams tries to get justice for the people in Monroe, Lamar, and Butts County, but…

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Cashaw receives life sentence in Davidson case

The Texas man accused in the 1999 death of a Stockbridge woman who’s body was found in Butts County has pleaded guilty to malice murder and received a sentence of life in prison. Fuquah Dewalt Cashaw, 47, had been facing a possible death sentence if convicted of the murder of Heather Davidson, 22, whose body was found along Kermit Williams…

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District Attorney announces personnel additions

Towaliga Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jonathan L. Adams has announced two appointments to key positions in the prosecutor’s office. Cindy Adams will join the office in Lamar County in the new year as Deputy Chief Assistant DA, and will assume the role of Chief Assistant DA when Jonathan Adams deploys to the Middle East with his Georgia National Guard unit…

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