Pre-Trial Diversion

The Diversion program was created pursuant to O.C.G.A. §15-18-80 as an alternative to the prosecution of offenders in the criminal system. The Diversion Program is designed for first offenders who have committed crimes that did not result in injury to a victim, are otherwise non-violent and non-aggressive in nature and do not involve Driving under the influence charges, nor domestic violence.

In accordance with the conditions outlined in their contractual agreements, individuals accepted to participate in the Diversion Program will immediately be subjected to individualized and controlled supervisory programs for a specified period of time in lieu of traditional prosecution. That is, persons who meet eligibility criteria will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Diversion Program which will serve as an alternative to the county’s traditional methods in handling cases.

Participation in the Diversion Program will be voluntary and if there is counsel, with the advice of counsel, will occur prior to adjudication and if participants satisfactorily complete the Diversion Program, will result in dismissal or nolle prosequi of the charges.

Applications for expungement must be obtained from the arresting agency.