What We Do

Our Mission

To seek justice, to act with integrity, and to work with our partner agencies to protect the citizens of Butts, Lamar, and Monroe Counties in the Towaliga Judicial Circuit and the State of Georgia. To prosecute professionally and competently; to treat all people courteously, and respectfully; to advocate for the rights of victims; and above all to make our community a safer place for all its residents.

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“The Role of a Prosecutor”


  • Prosecute all criminal cases in Superior and Juvenile Court through appeal.
  • Attend and advise Grand Juries.
  • Draft indictments, accusations and Grand Jury presentments.
  • Draft Juvenile Petitions on delinquency cases.
  • Represent the State in Habeas Corpus Cases and Appeals.
  • Process Pro Se Appeals from incarcerated inmates.
  • Screen all cases for determination of disposition.
  • File and prosecute civil drug asset forfeiture cases.
  • Prosecute welfare fraud cases.
  • Advise Law Enforcement officials concerning search warrants, etc.
  • Review, authorize and monitor Title III wiretaps.
  • Verify Local Revenue Bond Issue Petitions.
  • Work with local, state, and federal agencies to target areas of criminal conduct and reduce crime.
  • Process Detainers and Extraditions of out of state defendants.
  • Review, and approve or deny criminal record expungement requests submitted from law enforcement agencies. Applications for expungement must be obtained from the arresting agency.
  • Prepare Destruction/Retention Orders for Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Review and process cases for Accountability Court Staffing and Court.
  • Review and process cases for Pre-Trial Diversion Program.
  • Organize and assist Coroner Inquests.
  • Assist crime victims with State Crime Victim Rights and Procedures.
  • Chair Child Fatality Review Committee meetings.
  • Coordinate Multi-Disciplinary Team Reviews on Child Abuse Cases.
  • Coordinate Sexual Assault Team Review meetings.