Jonathan Adams is a Lieutenant Colonel in Georgia Army National Guard and the District Attorney for the Towaliga Judicial Court. “Your job as the District Attorney or the Assistant District Attorney is to do justice,” said Jonathan Adams.

In the courtroom, Towaliga District Attorney Jonathan Adams tries to get justice for the people in Monroe, Lamar, and Butts County, but soon he says he’ll pursue justice overseas.
In May, Adams won’t be fighting lawyers in the courtroom, he’ll be helping to train others to fight members of ISIS in Iraq.
Adams has been serving in the Georgia National Guard since he was 17. “It’s been a balancing act I’ve had to learn, but I enjoy it,” said Adams.
He is now a Lieutenant Colonel in the 201st Regional Support Group. Adams says while he is overseas, he will miss spending time with his wife, Meredith, and their three teenage daughters, Katelyn, Emily, and Madison.
For him, being called to help defeat ISIS is a part of his mission. “The more we can do to keep the fight over there, the safer it is for us over here,” said Adams.