FORSYTH, Ga. — A middle Georgia District Attorney is getting settled in after almost a year of deployment to Iraq.

This was his fourth deployment in the National Guard, including his second to Iraq.

As of Saturday, he’s been back a week. And for now, he’s just getting used to the changes.

“While you’re gone for a year, they are creating the new normal,” Adams says. “And when you come back, it doesn’t just switch over to how you were used to doing things.”

It wasn’t just home life that had changed. Adams left for Iraq just a year and a half into his time as the Towaliga Circuit District Attorney.

“Getting back to the office, it’s almost the same thing,” Adams said. “You’ve got to get used to the new normal that they’ve created before you say, ‘Well we’ve got to change all of these things the way I like to do them.'”

Adams says he trusts the team he left in place and he’ll give them a breather before changing anything.

“I’m going to take about a 30-day period to figure out how things are going, what’s going on, what’s new and different,” he said. “Because they may have made some changes that are great, and we want to keep them the same. They may have made some changes that we need to steer back to something else.”

But until he heads back to the office, he’s got another duty assigned to him.

District Attorney Adams gets back to work May 15. He says the next day they’ll have a re-swearing in to make it official.